Marine Colonel

Bryan Salas

Bryan Salas recently retired as chief spokesman and Director of U.S. Marine Corps Public Affairs in The Pentagon, Arlington, VA. Culminating a 28-year career as a colonel, Salas led the communications effort for the Nation's 125,000 Marines during the height of the war in Iraq.

In his last billet, he directly supervised the five-section, 62-person headquarters and led 50 field offices with 1,000+ personnel. These forward-based facilities included permanent international offices in the Far East, Southwest Asia, Asia and Europe, as well as constant global engagement in Africa, South America and Australia.

He served in combat as the chief spokesman for all Marine forces in Iraq in 2006, for United Nations efforts in Haiti in 2002, and in numerous exercises with NATO, Japanese and Korean allies.

Other wide-ranging accomplishments include initiating the Corps' Trademark Licensing program, social media properties, and rejuvenating a grassroots-outreach program.

His work on human Diversity was recognized by the Grady College of Journalism for which he received the Dean's Medal for Leadership. Salas was also selected as the Grady College mid-career alumnus of the year for 2010.

Salas is a DC-area native where he consults on sensitive public relations issues. He is a 1987 graduate of the Grady College of Journalism. Salas received his Masters in Communication at the University of Oklahoma. As a Marine he was decorated with the Bronze Star Medal and the Legion of Merit. He and his wife of 24 years have four children and live in Ashburn, VA.