Future location of Cox International Center suite.
View of North Campus from future
Cox International Center location.
New conference room to be shared by Cox and
the New Media Institute.

Renovations to Grady College

The Cox International Center is scheduled to move from its space on the third floor of the Journalism Building at the University of Georgia to renovated space on the fourth floor in the middle of the summer of 2010.

The renovations to the fourth floor began Dec. 17, 2009, as a result of the Major Repair and Renovations program at UGA funded by the State of Georgia.   

The updated suite of offices will have a view of North Campus and will include offices for the Center director, associate director and administrative specialist, two additional offices for visiting scholars, a workroom and storage space.

The new fourth floor was designed by the Menefee and Winer Architectural firm, based in Atlanta, and will be home to the Cox International Center, the New Media Institute, three instructional classrooms, a large common area for students, graduate student carrels, a graduate student meeting room, a doctoral student computer lab, one open computer lab, and one conference room. 

Ben Rossetti, the project manager for the Office of University Architects, has worked closely with the DSI Group, the construction contractor, to keep the project on schedule. 

The existing Cox International Center space includes a suite created shortly after the Center was founded in 1985 and additional space assigned the Center in 1999.

The pictures shown here were taken March 17.

  • Updated pictures taken April 27.
  • Updated pictures taken June 11.