Dr. Tudor Vlad, Powell Moore, Dr. Lee B. Becker, Carrol Dadisman, Patricia L. Sims, Owen Ullmann, and Dean E. Culpepper Clark.

Board of Visitors Meet in Washington, D.C.

The Board of Visitors held its inaugural meeting on February 26, 2010, at the Washington, D.C., bureau of USA Today. 

Board members Carrol Dadisman, Powell Moore, Patricia L. Sims, and Owen Ullmann were present, and Ullmann, East Coast vice-chair, conducted the meeting. Jay Smith, Board of Visitors chairman, Carol Mayne Rose, and Hien Vu, West Coast vice-chair, joined by phone.  

Also present at the meeting were Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication Dean E. Culpepper Clark, and Dr. Parker Middleton, College director of development. Dr. Lee B. Becker, director of the Cox Center, and Dr. Tudor Vlad, associate director of the Cox Center, also were in attendance.

The group discussed media assistance in the U.S. and opportunities for the Cox International Center. 

Dr. Becker outlined three new initiatives of the center: a program in Nigeria for conflict sensitive journalism, examination of free press indicators and their utility in media assistance assessment, and analysis of the economics of emerging media markets.

Future discussions of the Board will focus on partnership opportunities and a marketing statement that communicates the Center’s goals.