Mr. Chuang (Bruce) Wang, visiting scholar from China, doing research in the offices of the Cox International Center.

Young Chinese Scholar Studies Image Construction of International Brand Names In The Cox International Center

Mr. Chuang Wang spent a year in the James M. Cox Jr. Center for International Mass Communication Training and Research at the University of Georgia starting September 2018 to study how social platforms have impacted branding strategies of large companies who are or are trying to become global. The goal of his research was to better understand the effectiveness and functioning rules of social media by evaluating and examining the networks inside them.

The Cox International Center is the international outreach unit of the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Georgia.

Wang is a Ph.D. student in International Communication at Institute of Communication Studies, Communication University of China (CUC), Beijing, and between 2008 and 2017 he was an instructor at Harbin Normal University.

The case study that the researcher used for his study was communication of Chinese automobile brands in international social media. The main questions were: What are the brand communication characteristics of the official tweets about China's major automobile brands on Twitter? How much attention is paid to tweets about China's major automobile brands on Twitter? How effective is the brand communication of China's major automobile companies on Twitter? The main finding of the project was that Chinese auto companies need to better understand how social media works internationally and what types of messages generate positive reactions.

“The Cox International Center has a long history of hosting international scholars,” said Dr. Tudor Vlad, director of the Center. “Many of them came here early in their career and acquired new research and management skills that have helped them across time to become well-known experts in their countries. We hope that Wang will follow the same pattern and will help us develop a partnership with the prestigious Institute of Communication Studies in Beijing.”

Mr. Chuang (Bruce) Wang, visiting scholar from China, meeting with Dr. Tudor Vlad, director of the Cox International Center.

“My year in the Grady College has been very valuable to me to better understand the empirical approach to communication research,” said Chuang Wang before his departure. “My stay here has also helped me understand the American culture and the U.S. South. I am grateful to Laurie Anglin and to Dr. Vlad for being very good hosts and I hope to see them again in the future.”

Wang’s program in the Grady College included observing graduate classes, meeting Grady faculty and students, discussing his research methodology with Dr. Vlad, participating in conferences and workshops and travelling.