From left to right: Dr. Stefan Bratosin, Dr. Charles Davis, Dr. Mihaela Tudor, and Dr. Tudor Vlad.

French Communication Professors Discuss Joint Research With Grady Faculty

Drs. Stefan Bratosin and Mihaela Tudor of the Paul Valéry University of Montpellier, France, visited the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication in September to talk about joint research in communication.

Their visit was organized by the James M. Cox Jr. Center for International Mass Communication Training and Research. The Cox International Center is an outreach unit of the Grady College at the University of Georgia.

“The Cox International Center is a unique institution in the United States,” said Dr. Charles Davis, dean of the Grady College to the guests. “There is no other unit in a journalism school in our country that focuses entirely on international media. I would be glad to see an extensive collaboration between your lab and our Center.”

“We’ve already had a very successful activity together when Dr. Lee Becker and I coordinated and edited an issue of ESSACHESS devoted to press freedom assessment in the era of social media,” said Dr. Tudor Vlad, director of the Cox International Center. “Now we are working on organizing a series of conferences and workshops that will bring together U.S. and French communication scholars."

Dr. Mihaela Tudor presented some of the research priorities of CORHIS, which include the study of communication of the faith in the multimedia public sphere, symbolic communication and use of new technologies of information and communication by various religions. She said that the emergence of radical voices in the media that use religion as tools to incite has made the research conducted in their lab visible and popular.

The French visitors had meetings with Dr. Lee Becker, Professor Emeritus and former director of the Cox International Center, to discuss journalism and mass communication education in the United States, and with Dr. Jeff Springston, associate dean for research and graduate studies, to learn about research conducted by Grady faculty.

From left to right: Dr. Jeff Springston, Dr. Tudor Vlad, Dr. Mihaela Tudor, Dr. Stefan Bratosin and Dr. Lee Becker.

They also visited the broadcast studio and discussed with Professor David Hazinski about Newsource, a student production of the Grady College and the only local TV newscast focusing on events in Athens and the surrounding Northeast Georgia area.