Dr. Tudor Vlad meets with Dr. Nadezhda Azhgikhina and Vsevolod Bogdanov.

Cox Center Associate Director Vlad Discusses Impact of Economic Crisis During Moscow Trip

It is necessary to think anew about media systems because models that worked in the past do not function anymore, Dr. Tudor Vlad from the University of Georgia said in a presentation attended by 20 journalists in Moscow in August.

It also is necessary to reconsider the status of journalists, because many people with different occupations have now access to and participate in mass communication, Dr. Vlad told the August 13 gathering at the Russian Press Club.

“Ignoring the challenges that the new technologies have brought to traditional media will only worsen the situation,” according to Dr. Vlad, associate director of the James M. Cox Jr. Center for International Mass Communication Training and Research at the University of Georgia.

The Cox Center is a unit of the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Georgia.

Round table discussion during workshop.

Dr. Vlad was invited to give the presentation as part of the collaboration between the Cox Center and the Russian Journalists Union (RUJ), a project funded by a grant to the RUJ from the International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX) in Washington. Both the Cox Center and RUJ also are contributing to the project.

During the week Dr. Vlad was in Moscow he also met with Vsevolod Bogdanov, president of the Russian Journalists Union, Dr. Nadezhda Azhgikhina, RUJ exective director, and Vladimir Kasutin, a professional media trainer.

President Bogdanov reviewed with Dr. Vlad his Dialog for Trust initiative, which aims to develop better communication among journalists and other professionals around the world.

The discussion also focused on the program of two RUJ-Cox Center workshops on media management that will take place in September in Tumen and Dagomys in Russia.

During the second workshop, a book on media training authored by Russian and U.S. journalists and journalism educators will be launched. The book resulted from the media assistance programs developed by the Russian Journalists Union and the Cox Center.

Grady College faculty Lee B. Becker, David Hazinski, Ann Hollifield and Tudor Vlad, and former Cox Enterprises Vice President Jay Smith contributed chapters to the volume.

“I think this book will be very useful for those who want to understand what can be done to improve their journalistic work and their media organizations,” said Dr. Azhgikhina during the meeting.

“We have to learn from others’ experiences and to anticipate the challenges that media will face in the future,” she said. “This book is the result of a genuine collaboration and a starting point for other joint projects.”