Romanian Scholar Explores Future Projects On Return Visit Home in April and May

In late April and early May Dr. Tudor Vlad, visiting research scientist in the James M. Cox Jr. Center for International Communication Training and Research, returned to Romania to contact Romanian institutions that might be interested in professional cooperation with the Cox Center in the future.

In Bucharest, Dr. Vlad met Dr. Vasile Dincu, the Minister of Public Information, which had been established only six months earlier to promote communication at all levels of Romanian governmental administration. Dr. Dincu said the expertise of the Cox Center could be very important for the ministry.

Dr. Vlad also returned to Cluj-Napoca and Babes-Bolyai University. Dr. Vlad created and then headed the journalism program at Babes-Bolyai University prior to coming to the University of Georgia in the autumn of 1999 as a Senior Fulbright Scholar.

During the meeting with Dr. Vlad in the Romanian capital Dr. Dincu proposed that the Ministry of Public Information and the Cox Center develop two workshops in Romania. As tentative proposals, he suggested that one workshop involve American journalists with expertise in international news and Romanian journalists and governmental experts in communication. A second workshop could focus on new media and their importance for small and medium countries dealing with the issues of globalization. Dr. Dincu proposed that one of the workshops take place in 2002 and the other one in 2003, or even sooner.

Dr. Vlad also met in Bucharest with Mr. Ioan Rus in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Dr. Vlad discussed the activities of the Cox Center and stressed the importance of public relations offices within the local branches of the Ministry. Mr. Rus asked Dr. Vlad to suggest tentative joint projects.

In Cluj-Napoca, Dr. Vlad met Mr. Romeo Couti and Mr. Zorin Diaconescu, the president and the vice-president of the Center Media Pro. The center, which supports independent press and trains journalists from Transylvania, was founded two years ago in Cluj-Napoca. The main interest of the Center Media Pro is the creation of a broadcast training program.

While in Cluj-Napoca, Dr. Vlad had a meeting with the faculty of the Department of Journalism of the Babes-Bolyai University. He discussed his work in the Cox Center and the online education program being developed by the Center.

At Babes-Bolyai University, Dr. Vlad also met Dr. Catalin Baba, the Director of the Center for International Relations. Dr. Vlad informed Dr. Baba about the activity of the Cox Center and identified some opportunities for future cooperation.

Dr. Vlad will remain in the Cox Center for the 2001-2002 academic year, working on various projects, including the future collaborations with the Romanian ministries and organizations he visited.