Producer speaks on international program

David Bryant, former producer for WUGA-FM, told the Grady College students in his audience that his perspective on globalization changed dramatically as he worked on his four-part radio series, "The Individual in a Global Society."

"I began to see how my life was affected by international issues and agencies," Bryant said in his early October address in the Grady College.

The work of the United Nations, of world trade negotiators, and of others took on new meaning as Bryant came to understand how much influence these organizations had on the way he lived even in Georgia. "I'm a generalist. I'm a journalist," Bryant confessed. As a result, he relied on experts to help him understand his story.

Dorinda G. Dallmeyer, research director of the Dean Rusk Center for International and Comparative Law on the University of Georgia campus, worked with Bryant to develop the story. "I talked to experts to get a context," Bryant said. "Then I talked to people to find out how it was working in the real world."

Bryant made his comments in the first of an occasional series of lectures sponsored by the James M. Cox Jr. Center for International Mass Communication Training and Research.

The lecture series, as Cox Center Director Lee B. Becker explained, will bring international experts from the University of Georgia campus to the Grady College to help students learn more about international issues affecting them and the mass communication professions.

The Global Society series was distributed via the National Public Radio system and was carried by approximately 70 stations, according to Bryant. It was funded by a grant from the Ford Foundation.

The series was narrated by former CBS and CNN television correspondent Deborah Potter. The series was sponsored by the American Society of International Law ( and the Dean Rusk Center at the University of Georgia. The full text of the series can be found on the Rusk Center web site at