2004-2005 Enrollment Report:
Enrollment Growth Rate Slows;
Field's Focus on Undergraduate Education at Odds with University Setting


Lee B. Becker, Tudor Vlad, Amy Jo Coffey and Maria Tucker


Undergraduate and graduate enrollments in the field of journalism and mass communication grew again in the autumn of 2004, but at rates considerably smaller than in recent years. Enrollment at the freshman level was considerably higher than a year earlier, however, suggesting increased enrollment demand at the undergraduate level for the future. While the field of journalism and mass communication is heavily slanted toward undergraduate
education, new analyses show that these undergraduate programs are mostly in university settings where graduate education is highly valued. Journalism and mass communication as a field clearly underperforms in terms of graduate education.

Becker, L. B., Vlad, T., Coffey, A. J., and Tucker, M. (2005). Enrollment growth rate slows; Field’s focus on undergraduate education at odds with university setting. Journalism & Mass Communication Educator, 60 (3), 286-314.

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