2003-2004 Enrollment Report:
Growth in Field Keeps Up with Trend


Lee B. Becker, Tudor Vlad, Heidi Hennink-Kaminski and Amy Jo Coffey


Enrollments at the nation’s journalism and mass communication programs increased in 2003, reaching unprecedented numbers at the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels. All indications are that undergraduate enrollments at least will continue to grow, reflecting national trends. In fact, growth in enrollments of the sort experienced in recent years in the field most likely is necessary for journalism and mass communication to maintain its competitive position within the university. Though growth in resources does not appear to have kept pace with growth in enrollments, the field seems to have weathered the most recent economic downtown better than it did the downturn of a decade earlier—probably because of the growth in enrollments.

Becker, L. B., Vlad, T., Hennink-Kaminski, H., and Coffey, A. J. (2004). 2003-2004 Enrollment report: growth in field keeps up with trend. Journalism & Mass Communication Educator, 22 (2), 291-300.

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