Annual Enrollment Report:
Graduate and Undergraduate Enrollments Increase Sharply


Lee B. Becker, Tudor Vlad, Jisu Huh, and Nancy R. Mace


Results of the Annual Survey of Mass Communication and Journalism Enrollments recently published in the Journalism and Mass Communication Educator Autumn issue reveal pronounced growth. Enrollment at both graduate and undergraduate levels increased in the autumn of 2002, resulting in the largest number of students enrolled in journalism and mass communication programs ever. The growth in graduate enrollment follows a period of decline, while the increase in undergraduate enrollment continues a pattern of growth. The percentage of undergraduates enrolled who were female increased slightly, as did the percentage of students who were African American.

Becker, L. B., Vlad, T., Huh, J., and Mace, N. R. (2003). Annual enrollment report: graduate and undergraduate enrollments increase sharply. Jounalism & Mass Communication Educator, 58 (3), 273-300.

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