Conference presentation: The impact of post-employment journalism training on health and medical story ideation.

Lee B. Becker and Tudor Vlad, researchers from Grady College's Cox Center for International Mass Communication Training and Research, studied the impact of the 2006 Gnat Line News Briefing on health and medical story ideation in four Black Belt news organizations. Results were presented at the July 2007 meeting of the International Association for Media and Communication Research in Paris.

Studies of the impact of post-employment professional training on journalists suggest that these programs affect the news construction process by changing the stories that journalists produce and the sources they use in creating them. This paper focused on one workshop organized by Knight Chair Patricia Thomas and co-sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The study employed newsroom observations, interviews with journalists and their supervisors, and a content analysis of the work of the journalists before and after they participated in the Gnat Line News Briefing. The study showed that the training program had impact on the story ideation process.

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