National Report: The Health of Ethnic Media: Needs and Opportunities.

Azocar, Funabiki, Clark, Herron, Morris, Oshagan, Subervi, Thomas

Knight Chair Patricia Thomas was one of six researchers who collaborated on this project with Cristina Azocar and Jon Funabiki of the Center for Integration and Improvement of Journalism at San Francisco State University. The team met together to design the survey, and remained involved through implementation, analysis and reporting.

Backed by the McCormick Foundation, the investigators surveyed 300 ethnic media practitioners in seven US regions using written and web-based surveys, focus group discussions, structured interviews and additional research. Thomas conducted the Southern focus group on the UGA campus in February 2008. The report was released in December 2008 and is available at

This survey confirms that impact on the community is the most important measure of success for many reporters, editors and publishers. Their main goals include giving voice to their communities and strengthening cultural pride and cohesion. Even in the face of low pay and discouraging working conditions, these goals motivate respondents to stay on the job.

Respondents expressed a hunger for professional development and enrichment, along with hopes that academic journalism will help meet this need.

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