What are the characteristics of successful applicants?

This program prepares students for specialized reporting careers in health and medical journalism. We welcome curious, passionate and skeptical people who want to tell accurate, important stories about public health, health policy, personal health, biomedical research and health care systems in the United States and other countries. Some develop this commitment in academia and others through life experience. Strong research and writing ability - or the willingness to learn - is essential.

Do you accept applicants with advanced degrees? Is preference given to applicants with a particular type of degree?

We encourage applications from individuals with bachelor's degrees or higher in science, liberal arts or journalism. No preference is given to any particular major.

Is preference given to Georgia residents?

No. We encourage applications from graduates of colleges and universities through the United States and the world. That said, the ability to write clear and idiomatic English is essential for success in the program.

Is the course of study the same for someone with a science background as for someone with an undergraduate journalism degree?

Not quite. All students must be trained in fundamental reporting and writing skills. For Grady College undergraduates, the required courses are JOUR 3410 and JOUR 3510. These prerequisites can be waived for students with undergraduate journalism degrees from other institutions or those with substantial professional experience. All others are required to complete JRMC 7340, Graduate Newsroom, before taking specialized reporting courses.

To what extent can I choose my own courses?

A flexible course of study maximizes individual choice. Health and medical journalism graduate students choose two or three Grady electives, ranging from law to new media, and three cognate courses from other UGA colleges and schools. Students can become sophisticated reporters on complex issues such as health disparities, environmental health, health care reform, diet and nutrition, or aging in the 21st century.

How long does it take to complete the MA concentration in health and medical journalism? What's the typical course load for student in this program?

On average, students take four courses each semester and complete the MA program in two academic years. Part-time study is allowed, and completion time varies with individual preparation.

What's the timetable for acceptance and when can I register for classes?

Accepted students are notified in April or May, but registration for fall classes is not available until August. Some elect to fulfill the statistics prerequisite by attending summer school.

Is financial aid available?

For current information about financial aid, click here.

Is on-campus housing available for graduate students?

Although most graduate students choose to live off campus, you can learn more about on-campus housing at housing.uga.edu.

How do I apply?

Click here for information.

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Grady College enjoys a central campus location near student amenities, libraries and famed Sanford Stadium.
Grady College enjoys a central campus location near student amenities, libraries and famed Sanford Stadium.