Piedmont's expanded presence to change care in Athens area

By Meera Naqvi

Georgia Health News | September 24, 2016

On Oct. 1, the honeymoon ends for Piedmont Healthcare and Athens Regional Medical Center (ARMC), and the realities of their marriage will set in.

Next week Athens Regional, with 350 beds, will become the second-largest facility in Piedmont's system and the only one with a residency program. ARMC will be Piedmont's seventh hospital.


Kidney transplants: A lifesaving system with serious shortcomings

By Leigh Beeson

Georgia Health News | September 19, 2016

It's never a good sign when you start urinating blood.

It was 2010, Sara Lewis was 12, and she assumed she had started her period. But what she initially thought was menstrual blood turned out to be something ominous - a sign that her kidneys were failing.

At first, the doctors weren't sure why the seventh-grader's kidney function was half what it should have been. Eventually, specialists at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta diagnosed her with a rare disease that occurs when a person's immune system destroys blood vessels supplying major organs.


Why HMJ at UGA Matters and What it Takes

The best health and medical journalism can change policy and help people choose wisely — at the doctor's office, in the grocery store and in the voting booth.

Graduate students in Grady's MA program generate high-impact stories for print, television, web and wireless, while gaining expertise in disciplines from public health to environmental science.

Inquisitive, tough-minded idealists with bachelor's or higher degrees in science, liberal arts or journalism are invited to apply.

Empowering Communities through
Health and Medical Journalism

Students learn to cover health and medicine for any market or audience in this professional masters program endowed by the Knight Foundation. A rigorous academic program, hands-on experience, and flexible electives prepare students to understand health issues during changing times.

HMJ Graduate Students:

  • Develop the skills and skepticism needed to cover health and medicine anywhere in the world, for any audience, in any medium.
  • Learn that every story is really about people, whether it involves a rural clinic or a neuroscience lab.

To see what our currents students are working on, visit the Student Portfolios.

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