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Grady College announces recipients of 2015 Alumni Awards

The University of Georgia Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication is pleased to honor four outstanding graduates with 2015 Alumni Awards.

"Recipients of Grady's annual Alumni Awards serve as a vivid reminder of the excellence of our graduates, and of the varied paths they take upon graduation," said Charles Davis, dean of the Grady College. "From the boardroom to the classroom, Grady graduates lead. This year's winners embody the fine work being done by Grady alums far and wide, and serve as a point of pride for all of us."

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Lost and Found at Grady

In the weeks leading up to the Grady College Centennial Weekend, April 16-19, we'll feature a guest blog post authored by a preselected alumnus/alumna. For ways in which students, faculty, alumni, donors and friends can share Grady College memories and photos in honor of the centennial year, please visit grady100.uga.edu.

"Clueless" is the word that comes to mind when I recall the 18-year-old me who arrived in Athens with a manual typewriter and a firm but unfocused notion that I wanted to write, and set out to major in journalism.

In retrospect, it seems likely others shared that clueless feeling; but back then I was sure that some crucial set of instructions had been left out of my registration packet.

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Happy Centennial Year!

Join Dean Charles Davis (MA '92) for an evening of networking as we celebrate our centennial year.
Nashville area alumni and friends — We are headed your way

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